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Cephas Media Group (CMG), a media company in Mumbai, India, recently announced the launch of its film distribution division. CMG has been engaged in the distribution of Christian home video in India and will now include motion films for theatrical, non-theatrical and broadcast distribution.

A spokesperson for the company says it was launched to fill a gap in the marketto spearhead a pioneering thrust into the entertainment industry of the largest film making country (India) in the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

David Peters, Managing Director, reports, We are confident that CMG will become a dominant player in the Christian film distribution arena in India. The timing for the launch of the company could not have been more ideal as the marketplace is virtually untapped.

CMG plans to obtain distribution rights of foreign Christian and family-friendly films and also undertake dubbing in the regional languages of India. Foreign filmmakers, production houses, and producers may contact CMG at: or tel: +91.22.2403.6813. Web site:

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  1. Lungminlal kipgen Says:

    It’s my pleasure to hear about christian film industry. I felt film played an important role in influencing then life of people especially among them Indians. I have desire to write a story based on social and religious condition of my community (Kuki Tribe), so could you please help me out in which way I can succeed in doing it.