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The short film “Rachel’s Challenge,” created by Producer/Director/Writer Jon Lindgren, owner of the Christian production company ViaMedia, was voted Grand Prize Winner in the recent Amazon Theater/Tribeca Film Festival Short Film Competition. “Rachel’s Challenge” is a short documentary about Rachel Scott who was killed at the Columbine High School massacre for refusing to deny her belief in God.

ViaMedia is a production company that specializes in positive moral programming. And Im a producer who specializes in spiritual and inspirational productions. The story satisfied both those areas by incorporating positive moral programming into its story line, while revealing a Christian message at the same time, says Lindgren.

“Rachel’s Challenge” emerged from a story ViaMedia was developing for a segment of its, as yet to be broadcast, television series, Everyday Heroes, When Lindgren heard about the Amazon/Tribeca Film Festival Short-Film Competition he immediately knew “Rachel’s Challenge” was the type of story he wanted to present in the competition.

But some people advised Lindgren not to do a short exhibiting anything related to being a Christian. They thought a film associated with Christianity would alienate voters since many people in the secular world dislike Christians and their messages.

For years we Christians have been complaining about the decadent negative programming being broadcast throughout the world. And in fact, ViaMedia’s prime mission is to create positive moral programming & Christian programming so I decided this contest was an opportunity for us to glorify God with that type of programming whether we win it or not, says Lindgren. I must say it was very encouraging to know that the general public voted us into a top 5 position regardless of the Christian message.

Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott, father of Columbine victim Rachel Joy Scott, appears in the short film. For five years Darrell has traveled the world spreading his daughters Christian message of love and compassion. Darrell views the Columbine incident as a battle between good and evil. And even though Rachel was killed, Rachel’s Christian message of good continues to spread though many school and community programs with the specific purpose of reaching young people. So good managed to triumphed over evil eventually.

“Rachel’s Challenge” is the latest production created by Jon Lindgren. Although Jon’s work has been featured by secular programs including ABC, A&E, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, The Discovery Channel and TNT, he has always received the most satisfaction crafting shows like Kids Club and Street Level Videos, which convey a Christian message to society. There is not just a need, there is a demand for inspirational, meaningful and entertaining family programming, Lindgren said. Your family wants and needs it. And that’s a need ViaMedia is going to fulfill. Determined to make a difference in the world, ViaMedia is producing quality family television programs, educational videos, documentaries and movies with Biblical truths and positive moral values. ViaMedia’s Web site:

“Rachel’s Challenge” was made available for viewing on the Amazon site.

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2 Responses to “Christian short film “Rachel’s Challenge” wins Grand Prize”

  1. Diane Larsen Says:

    I am a teacher and youth leader. Our school district has recently taken on “Rachel’s Challenge” grades 4-12 and I am extremely excited how the Holy Spirit has moved in the district amongst ttens and teachers alike. I feel it is pertinent that our christian teens know that Rachel’s motivation was Christ and not Ann Frank. Is there a christian youth version of “Rachel’s Challenge” beyond the movie. I am aware of the book “Rachel’s Tears”. Thank you for your assistance. Good bleess! Diane

  2. iris Says:

    would like to know when and where to be watch. thankyou!