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Copyrighted, Miracle Films

Miracle Films has announced completion of their lastest production Day of Miracles about amazing events of 9/11.

Producer Leslie Mc Ray reports that the documentary is neither about the terrorists nor getting even, but about the miracle events that occurred on and around that unforgettable time in history. The stories that have not been in the press are worth portraying in reenactments The man who was on the top floor when the first plane hit and the building crumbled beneath his feet. He actually rode down from the floor just beneath the crashed airplane all the way to the street on the rubble and walked onto the sidewalk below

The video also recounts the story of a lady who was stuck in an elevator that finally got to the basement, and she was rescued after many serious obstacles. She then died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. She went to Heaven, but God sent her back to help those who were the survivors of the event. She came back and sold everything and gave the money to the families who were left behind, says the producer.

Director Anthony Logan reports that a young Hispanic woman was caught in the rubble in complete blackness. She screamed to the Lord, Help Me, and God put her to sleep. She woke up when people were rescuing her. They said that they found her standing up asleep!

Miracle Films previously released the popular Christian drama, HOMETOWN LEGEND (see our review).

Day of Miracles is now available on DVD/VHS and will reportedly be broadcast on the following Christian networks on the next 9/11 anniversary, September 11, 2005: TBN, Sky Angel, Daystar, ILIFE, Cornerstone, God Channel, and FaithTV.