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Lightning Bug Flix and Willowcreek Marketing have teamed up for the
upcoming May 10th release of the first two episodes in their new thirteen-part children’s animated series, Bugtime Adventures (DVD & VHS). This series presents a unique blend of two worlds: the GIANT world of the Bible with human characters and the tiny world down below featuring an original cast of fun bug characters, each conveying and reinforcing the themes found in the Bible stories.

The Bible story and bug story contained in each episode unfold together in an interwoven format that is designed to give children double the entertainment value. The bug world is situated at the feet of the Bible characters, and occasionally the bug characters get caught up in the action of the GIANTS, which allows the bugs to gain insight and inspiration needed to resolve the crisis in their own story. The purpose of this unique format is to make Judeo-Christian values more accessible to children and present two entertaining ways for viewers to catch the important lessons found within.

Byron Jones, President of Willowcreek Marketing and former VP of Cloud Ten Pictures, said, It is important to not hide the message of the Bible so much in the product that you are not sure if you are watching mainstream television or Christian programming. This series is designed for teachers, parents, childrens pastors and VBS schools as well as being childrens entertainment.

The bug stories are meant to enable children to apply truths contained in Scripture to their everyday lives.

For example, the first video, Blessing in Disguise, tells the story of Joseph and his brothers. In Buggelsville, Antoni, the towns fix-it ant, is humiliated by Roderick, the pesky cockroach, at the annual bug picnic. Using one of his inventions, Antoni seeks his revenge by setting up a slimy surprise attack that doesnt unfold quite as planned. In the world of the GIANTS, Joseph is horribly betrayed by his brothers. Throughout his hardships, though, he keeps his faith and eventually finds himself in a position of authority in Egypt. Joseph now holds the power over his brothers and is faced with the choice of seeking forgiveness or revenge!

The second video, A Giant Problem, presents the story of David and Goliath. At the feet of the GIANTS, a bug drama unfolds as Buggelsville is about to get wiped out by rising waters coming from a leaking dam. Spud, the potato-bug civil engineer, has figured out a way for some-bug to plug up the hole before the dam breaks. The problem is, who will be brave enough to try? Can Megan, the towns teacher ant, gather enough courage to accomplish the job? Meanwhile, up above, the Hebrew Army is challenged to send out a single soldier to do battle with Goliath. No soldier is brave enough to take on the task; at least not until little David walks onto the scene.

This series was developed and produced by veterans of the entertainment industry, including associate producer and creative consultant Jeff Holder who brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the project from his former positions at Sony Wonder, ABC Television and Hanna Barbera.

“Bugtime Adventures” is narrated by Willie Aames. Mr. Aames, the former actor, writer and producer of the hit series Bibleman, felt that Bugtime Adventures was a series that he needed to be involved with. Instilling Gods Word into our children at an early age will give them valuable wisdom and guidance to protect them through the coming years of being a teenager, explained Willie. The Bibleman series became a national hit with millions of videos sold and a successful multi-city road tour.

The “Bugtime Adventures” series, which has been over 3 years in the making, is Lightning Bug Flixs first animation project and was a co-production with Kims Communications of Seoul, South Korea. Lightning Bug Flix is a division of Santa Fe Communications, Inc.

Making a bold commitment to long-term success of the series, Lightning Bug Flix has thirteen completed episodes with more to be produced should demand remain strong. The goal is to release two new episodes every three months.

A 32-page comic book based on the first episode, Blessing in Disguise, is also being released to continue the adventure and inspire children to not only watch but read through the stories. President of Lightning Bug Flix, Bruno John, described his desire, We want to be more than just an entertainment company. We want to be a company that impacts lives and shapes tomorrows society by instilling the proven truths contained in the Word of God.

An interactive website,, has been launched as a way to extend the fun. The Web site features games, coloring pages and character downloads for children to enjoy. The site is designed to grow with additional content for children and video retailers as future episodes are released.

We plan to publish reviews of these DVDs on Christian Spotlight.