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Gods will ought to be our aim, and I am contented that His designs should be accomplished and not my own, said General Robert E. Lee. New Liberty Videos has released an 80-minute film on DVD titled “Warriors of Honor: The Faith and Legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.” Most Americans believe that Southerners fought to preserve slavery; however, a much deeper divide existed between the North and South. Two drastically different cultures had emerged on the American landscape. This documentary attempts to place the war in its historical and cultural context and examines the Christian faith of the two most famous Southern generals. Both men were reportedly masterful generals, brilliant strategists and faithful Christians.

Warriors of Honor recently one a 2004 “Best Documentary of the Year” award from International Christian Visual Media, and a runner up for “Best Documentary” at the 2004 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Author and historian Steve Wilkins has said about the film,

“Finally! A documentary that is willing to speak plainly about the Christian faith of Jackson and Lee. It is a beautiful account of two great Southern leaders and of a war that forever changed our country.”

“See our review of this film.” The DVD is available from various on-line dealers, including