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Good News Productions International (GNPI) of Joplin, Missouri has released a new drama titled, “The Source of Love.” It centers around a traditional Chinese family that finds itself in crisis and in desperate need of peace and forgiveness. The story is entertwined with a demonstration of how ancient Chinese writing characters are rooted in Biblical history. As the son in the family begins learning how the writing characters point to a redeemer for all the world, the family learns the true source of love.

Shot on location in Hong Kong by Wind Flower Productions (HK), Ltd. with producer/director Stephen Shin, the film features Chinese actors and is recorded in two Chinese dialects (Mandarin and Cantonese). In the past several years, GNPI has won more than 26 awards from at least six different sources on three continents! In July 2004, GNPI walked away from the International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) Crown Awards with five awards, including three for The Source of Love (Best Drama over $250,000 / Best Evangelistic Film of 2004 / Best International Film of 2004).

This full-length feature film has been shown in public theaters in many Asian countries and is also being used
by evangelists and Asian Christians to share the truth of the Gospel of Christ.

The true test of a project such as The Source of Love is the impact it has on societies and individual lives.

Singapore church audience at showing of The Source of Love

Cinemas in Singapore initially rejected showing The Source of Love, but churches and individuals began renting entire movie theaters on their own, using the film as an outreach tool. As a result, these cinemas saw profit potential and began asking to screen the film! In China, the film is being sold in DVD stores, and millions of copies are being distributed via key Christian networks. The situation there makes it extremely difficult for churches to report the responses, but the ones Good News has managed to get are all very encouraging.

One church in Singapore showed The Source of Love at their Easter evangelistic crusade, and 24 people accepted Christ. In Hong Kong, a congregation of approximately 100 viewed it. During the invitation time, seven people accepted Christ and 16 others wanted to learn more about Him. Good TV, a Christian cable network in Taiwan, has shown The Source of Love three times. Approximately 180 copies of the film have been ordered in the U.S. and Canada since August 2003, and a Chinese church in Kansas City, Missouri used it as the main attraction to kick off a new Cantonese outreach.

According to Good News, The Source of Love is enabling Chinese Christians to discuss their faith with
their parents in a culturally relevant way. Several have commented that, for the first time, their parents sat through a complete evangelistic program or have given positive feedback about something dealing with Christianity.

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The DVD includes English subtitles, plus the voices in Mandarin and Cantonese. For more information on this film or to purchase a copy, see