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Perception Films of Austin, Texas, has released a new film by Christian writer/director Jeff Peterson. “Objects of Wrath” is 92 minute fictional story about a man named Steve who has always felt there was more to life than his dead end job and boring life. But he doesnt know how to go about changing it.

When past dreams are remembered, Steve begins to pursue them. But when his addiction to TV begins to grow stronger and his life begins to fall apart, he starts to become desperate for a change and prays to God for help. God answers his prayer and Steve begins a new life that is both difficult and unfamiliar. Join Steve as he journeys down a new road and not only sees a change in his life, but also helps others along the path.

“Objects Of Wrath” was made on a budget of about $20,000 using Panasonics newest camera (AG-DVX100) designed for independent filmmakers. Jeff Peterson says, This camera allowed us to film at 24 FPS and made the movie look like film. With this new technology we are able to make quality films for a low budget. Perception Films also produces Christian music videos and Christian short films.

The “Objects of Wrath” DVD includes behind the scenes footage, outtakes, an alternate ending and music videos. To view a trailer or purchase the video, see:

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