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He was the greatest in the kingdom, the ruler over an empire, thrust into kingship following his father’s death at the hands of an ancient enemy. She was the least in the kingdom, an orphan carted away to a far off land, a minority forced into hiding after watching her parents murdered at the hands of her own people’s ancient enemy.

Gener8Xion Entertainment, the Hollywood-based production company which produced, “The Omega Code,” named the #1 Limited Released Motion Picture of 1999 by Hollywood’s Daily Variety, has completed principal photography (12/11/04) in Rajasthan, India on the sweeping motion picture epic “One Night With The King.” Rajasthan, which literally means, “Land of the Kings,” was once
comprised of princely kingdoms. “This exotic locale was chosen for ‘One Night With the King’ because of its diverse history, battle-scarred forts, majestic palaces, and rich landscape,” says the film’s producer, Matthew Crouch.

“Having motion picture legends Peter O’Toole (as the Prophet Samuel) and Omar Sharif (as Prince Memucan) in the same film, after starring together in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ 42 years ago, only adds to ‘One Night with the King’s’ overall allure and mystique,” declares Liz Lang, the film’s Casting Director.

Crouch’s latest project is based on the best selling novel, “Hadassah: One Night With The King” by authors Tommy Tenney and Mark Olsen. It chronicles the life of the young Jewish girl, Hadassah, played by Tiffany Dupont. Dupont portrays an orphan carted away to a far off land, a minority forced into hiding after watching her parents murdered
at the hands of her own people’s ancient enemy. She amazingly goes on to become the Biblical “Esther,” the Queen of Persia (400-322 B.C.) and saves the Jewish nation from annihilation at the hands of its arch-enemy, Haman (played by James Callis, “Helen of Troy”), while winning the heart of the fiercely handsome King Xerxes, played by Luke
Goss (“Blade II” and “ZigZag”).

“One Night with the King” is a multi-million dollar epic teeming with suspense, political conspiracies, and court intrigue,” says the film’s publicist, Susan Zahn, of WDC Media. “At the core of this story is an incredible
romance—a love story between the most powerful man in the kingdom and a beautiful orphan girl who meet, fall deeply in-love, and change the course of history.”

“‘One Night with the King’ is a story of divine destiny,” relates Rich Cook, Vice President of Gener8Xion Entertainment. “Hadassah was this poor, unknown peasant girl, an orphan, an outcast from a distant land, who went on to become queen of a powerful empire—proving that anyone, no matter what their circumstances, can be used in a remarkable way when ‘destiny’s’ hand is upon them,” says Cook.

The “One Night With The King” cast also includes such notable talent as John Rhys-Davies as Mordecai who starred in the blockbuster trilogy “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” “The Two Towers,” and “Return of the King.” It also includes John Noble as Prince Admantha. Noble starred with Rhys-Davies in “Return of the King.” The
film also features veteran actor, Tommy Lister (“Next Friday”), in the lead role of Hegai.

Adapted for film by screenwriter Stephan Blinn, directed by Michael Sajbel, and produced and distributed by Gener8Xion Entertainment, “One Night With The King” is scheduled for theatrical release in March or April 2005 (hopefully March 25th 2005, a date that coincides with the Christian Good Friday and Esther’s Jewish Feast of Purim).

We will be publishing a review of this film at a later date.