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“Leroy’s Christmas” drama

December 31st, 2004

The Motion Picture Co. Inc. is securing locations for “Leroy’s Christmas.” This is the true heart warming story, about two DJ’s in a small rural town find the true meaning of Christmas through a dying child’s last wish.

Exterior production must be completed before March, interior production can be completed at a later date. “Locations must have lots of snow, its critical to the story line” Chairman, John Cummings, commented. “Our Production Team hope to close on a network placement of “Leroy’s Christmas” in January, prior to the annual National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) conference in Las Vegas” Cummings said.

This will be MPC’s first High Definition production using the latest cameras developed by Panasonic. “We’ve been attending seminars with industry colleagues, learning everything we can to make the “look” a success, the story is already a winner, if the look is there our audiences will be very pleased,” Cummings added.

The film is intended for broadcast during the 2005 Christmas holiday season. For additional information on this project, contact MPC Chairman, John Cummings, at 818-566-8995 or visit

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