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Filmmaker Travis Wade of Colorado Springs, along with his production company Big Fat Films, LLC is attempting to raise $2 million to fund his first feature film titled, “Hooray For Hollywood.” He has reportedly teamed up with several award-winning Christian artists in the area who have worked for such prominent Christian organizations as Focus on the Family, Youth For Christ International, Campus Crusade, The Navigators and Compassion International. With a moderate budget (for an independent film), the use of High Definition production equipment, a recognizable cast, a talented crew and a year-long tour of the film festival circuit, Wade has high hopes that this will all result in new opportunities for his Christian crew to work in Hollywood.

Wade has reportedly signed L.A. based comedian Regan Burns (“Oblivious,” “The Drew Carey Show,” “Malcolm in the Middle”) to star in the film and are in ongoing negotiations with several “A-list” Hollywood actors to fill supporting roles. Actor/director Wade reportedly recently did a screen test for Warner Brothers’ new epic “Superman Returns.” The filmmaker says,

“The crux of every Christian filmmaker seems to lie in one question: How do I reach my audience in such a way that they will better understand and accept God’s love? Recent television shows and films have accepted this challenge by creating higher budget projects with better known actors; however, with the exception of “The Passion of the Christ,” these projects continue to fall short of their lofty goals.”

“I have no problem with Christian filmmakers making ‘Christian’ movies. I think they are doing very inspirational work,” says Wade, “but it’s very much like preaching to the choir. If you do your homework, you’re going to find the majority of audiences that are watching ‘Christian’ films are Christians. Beyond that, they aren’t reaching anybody else. If you want to impact your audience beyond the point of inspiration, this isn’t really the way to do it. In fact, the odds of any film, religious or secular, actually changing an audience member’s life in some dramatic way are quite remote.”

Wade believes that the real opportunities to impact people, especially the people in Hollywood, lie not in the film itself but in the process of making film. He says,

“Christian filmmakers, like any other filmmakers, tend to get wrapped up in the whole idea of reaching the masses that they forget about the guy standing right next to them. We’re talking about the people that a Christian director, producer, actor, etc. are in contact with 12-14 hours a day, 6 days a week for 3, 4 or 5 months at a time. Jesus himself sets the perfect example of how we need to approach Hollywood. He spent far more time in the company of those ‘hopeless sinners’ than he did with those who believed in and worshipped God. For me, being a Christian and making ‘Christian’ films is nothing more than sitting in my comfort zone. I believe that the real opportunity to make a difference in Hollywood is by building relationships with those people in Hollywood…just being around them and setting a Christ-like example is the first step toward affecting change.”

Screenwriter Luke Gheen adds,

“The key to bringing our passion and love for Christ into this is in forming a core team of Christians who can then build relationships with our more secular leaning cast and crew, this can lead to so much…maybe outright ministry, maybe just setting an example of kindness and love that they aren’t used to seeing in the industry. We provide the setting and then let God decide what He wants to do.”

“Hooray For Hollywood” is a screwball comedy that follows the life and times of washed up Hollywood director Rick Reynolds (Regan Burns). Convinced that because big corporate film studios consistently produce pointless, stupid movies, he can rocket himself back to instant Hollywood stardom by making the worst movie of all time! This plunges Rick into the whirl of Hollywood moviemaking as self-righteous Hollywood studio executive Mr. Eisenberg gives Rick a three hundred million dollar budget, star power, and plenty of withering threats. “Hooray for Hollywood” satirizes the movie industry, celebrities, and filmmakers, as Rick Reynolds sets out to break into a world of glitz and glamour by completely underachieving. Despite this lighthearted approach, Travis Wade and his team believe they can deliver a Christian worldview directly into the secular industry without offense.

Big Fat Films invites all interested parties from the Christian media and production industry to learn more about this project as well as the vision that this team has for the future of Christians working in Hollywood. Contact Travis Wade at 719-651-9902 or Film Web site:

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