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Visionary Pictures LLC of Houston, Texas is has schedule release of its first feature film on DVD in November 2004. The disc includes more than an hour of special features, including: “The Sterling Adventure” Behind-the-scenes featurette . Blooper reel . Casting Auditions . Behind-the-scenes photo gallery . Trailers . Audio commentary by Director & Director of Photography . Widescreen (16:9)—enhanced for 16×9 televisions . English & Spanish subtitles.


Producer Clayton Miller says that “STERLING is a movie about a group of teenage young people who find themselves in an adventure of a lifetime as they try to find a legendary medallion. There is an unwritten legend about King Solomon of Israel that speaks of a glorious medallion that the king had fashioned for himself in memory of his father, David. After Solomon’s fall from grace, the Lord allowed Israel to be overthrown and ransacked by the Egyptian king, Shishak. There was no record of what happened to the sacred medallion, but historians suspected that the Egyptian king had kept it for himself.

The year is 1958. Malcolm Sterling, an archaeologist, travels to Egypt and finds the legendary medallion. While on the journey back home, Archer, Malcolm’s evil son, attempts to steal the medallion, which is worth millions. In his attempt, he causes their plane to crash, and the medallion is believed to be lost in the sea forever.

The present. While on his deathbed, Malcolm leaves all of his estate to his younger son, Nick, including 200 acres of forest land in Texas containing an old youth camp. Nick decides to continue the Christian youth retreat center on the land his father gave him. Archer always believed that his father had hidden the medallion and when he learns of his father’s death he begins to devise a plan to search for it.

Alex Sterling, Nick’s son, and his friend, Scott meet Dana, Chris(tina), and Howard from a youth group attending a retreat. This group of young people stumble upon an old journal and other things left behind by Malcolm in which they learn of the existence of the medallion and it’s whereabouts on the camp grounds.

Many adventures follow as the group has to figure out the assorted clues left behind by Malcolm to find the final resting place of the medallion. Their adventures take them on a journey through caves, secret passage ways, river crossings, and water falls, leading up to their final confrontation with Archer and his evil sidekick, Riley Jones.”

Miller says, “STERLING is a story of exciting adventure, redemption, and the power of God’s Word.”

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