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When it comes to Small Group and Sunday School curriculum, there’s nothing like good, solid Bible teaching that offers deep, thought-provoking material for any student of the Word. Such is the new DVD, PORTRAITS OF CHRIST from Sola Scriptura, a ministry devoted to affirming the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of God’s Word—the Bible. In PORTRAITS OF CHRIST, Dr. Dan Hayden provides an enlightening overview of the Gospels that explains their uniqueness as portraits of Jesus Christ, not biographies.

Dan Hayden

In six 30-minute sessions, Dan answers many of the difficult questions about the Gospel writings: Why are the Gospels so different in some places, and so similar in others? Are harmonies of the Gospels a good idea, or can they lead to problems? Why are there apparent contradictions in places? Can they be reconciled? What year was Jesus really born, and what was the sequence of events that happened during His final week on
earth? Dan demonstrates how the writers of the Gospels, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, had specific intent as they wrote, drawing material together as they saw fit to portray Christ in His four distinct characteristics: as King, Servant, Man, and God.

Dan Hayden is Director of Ministries at Sola Scriptura. He studied at Wheaton College (B.A.), Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M.), and Baptist Bible Seminary (D.Min.) and has served as a pastor, professor, and camp chaplain. Dan has a national radio ministry (“A Word from the Word”) and is a frequent speaker at conferences and men’s retreats. He has written two books, both published by Crossway Books: When Life’s a Wreck (2003) and Name Above All Names (2004).

The release date for the 3 hour DVD is May 1, 2004. It includes a study guide with lesson introductions and discussion questions for group or individual use. The DVD is distributed by FaithWorks, Brentwood TN, 1-877-323-4550.

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