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“God Rocks! Splatball Square-off” hit one out of the park at the Envoy Film Festival—winning in the Animation/Children’s Division for its “exceptional ability to inspire the mainstream culture with its quality animation production and commitment to moral excellence.” This is the third episode in the children’s animated video series God Rocks!. “Splatball Square-off” is a lesson teaching kids that God can help them face their giant fears.

“‘God Rocks’ has a way of communicating the Bible through anime and music in an entertaining way. The jury tapped their feet to the beat of Envoy’s mission—to engage even the youngest hearts through film,” said Envoy Film Festival Director Richard Beattie. The jury who selected “God Rocks! Splatball Square-off” consisted of 7 members including a well-known Christian author, film maker, and composer. “It was a nice break for a festival jury that had watched 7 hours of pretty heavy stuff,” said Richard Beattie. “Then came God Rocks!. The mix of claymation, computer graphics, and animation was a welcomed change of pace, with Mickey Rooney in it to boot. It was a foot-tapping,
inspired musical score with an introduction to the game of Splatball that we felt kids could get into, and of course everyone in the room agreed that God does rock!”

What is “God Rocks!”? Marketing Coordinator Rebekah Stewart says, “If rocks from Bible times could talk would they keep silent about the amazing events they witnessed? No way! That’s why every God Rock has something important to say! God Rocks! teaches kids important lessons from the Bible in a fun way.”

“God Rocks!” series creator Bruce Stacey is an award-winning video producer and director. Prior to founding Chelsea Road Productions (CRP), he produced the Kingdom Adventure children’s television series for Crossroads Communications in Burlington, Ontario. After founding CRP in 1993, Stacey was commissioned to write and direct the animated film release the “Prodigal Son,” a $2.8 million feature presentation of The Pavilion of Hope at the 2000 World Exhibition in Hanover, Germany. During its six-month, the movie garnered rave reviews and was viewed by nearly 1,000,000 visitors.