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Actor Marquis Laughlin

“According to John” is a 70-minute portrayal of twenty stories taken directly from the Gospel of John, presented word-for-word in true theatrical form by actor Marquis Laughlin. Unlike most “biblical” films, which are produced against the backdrop of exotic locations, period costumes, and special effects, this presentation draws its strength from the very words of the Bible itself, subtly giving evidence of the fact that the timeless truths of Scripture need no such embellishments. Set on a simple, stage, painted only with shades of light, Mr. Laughlin delivers every line with conviction, empathy, and power.

Gary Vaterlaus of Sola Scriptura says, “The viewer cannot help but be completely absorbed and moved by the Scripture presented in the oral tradition.” The DVD also comes with a study guide that provides questions and discussion that is perfect for Sunday School or small group use. Twenty-three commentaries from expert Bible teachers delve into some difficult passages, bringing to light key historical, theological, and practical details of the narrative. A full-length audio commentary provides further such insight, and five behind-the-scenes featurettes offer an intriguing look at the philosophy behind the entire production—the sufficiency of Scripture.

Marquis Laughlin is an actor whose life’s work is enabling his audiences to hear, see, and feel the God of the Bible through the words of the Bible. His uniquely compelling dramatic solo-scripture presentations include Genesis, Exodus,
Ecclesiastes, Daniel, John’s Gospel, Acts of the Apostles, & Revelation, and have been presented all over the world. Recent works include Mark’s Gospel at the Forum of Trajan in Rome, Italy, and John’s Gospel at the Hampton Court Mid-
Summer Festival in Hereford, England. He maintains an active touring schedule presenting God’s word at theaters, conferences, colleges, and houses of worship. He can also be seen performing regularly at The Holy Land Experience, a Biblical museum located in Orlando Florida. Mr. Laughlin is the narrator for The Scriptorium, a themed walk-through experience that highlights the Van Kampen Collection of rare biblical manuscripts, and tells visitors the story of how the Bible has been preserved over the centuries. His voice can also be heard as the narrator for “Illumina,” Tyndale Publishing’s interactive computer animated Bible, and Good News Publisher’s English Standard Version Bible on CD.

“According to John” was produced by Sola Scriptura, a non-profit ministry “devoted to affirming the authenticity, accuracy, and authority of God’s Word—the Bible.” The distributor is FaithWorks, 9247 Hunterboro Drive, Brentwood TN 37027, Phone/Fax: 615-221-6442.

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