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Efforts underway to use Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” film for evangelism

Claiming it is “perhaps the best outreach opportunity in 2000 years,” Outreach, Inc. is distributing a trailer on DVD showing previews of Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ” to U.S. churches. They are supplying information on how the film can help pastors lead local evangelistic outreach projects. The President of Young Life (Denny Rydberg) says, “I am pleased to voice my strong support for The Passion. The Young Life sphere of influence includes tens of thousands of staff and volunteers, as well as hundreds of thousands of adults and kids who would be lining up in an instant to see this film. In addition, I think the film will have mass appeal to people of any faith or no particular faith, simply because of the quality of the production and the historical nature of the content.” Billy Graham said, “Every time I preach or speak about the Cross, the things I saw on the screen will be on my heart and mind.”

Actor James Caviezel and Director Mel Gibson on the set of “The Passion of Christ” (Photo © 2004, Newmaket Films. All Rights Reserved)

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A special web site offers related evangelism ideas and resources, see www.ThePassionOutreach.com . In an usual publicity move, free promotional materials are being made available for promoting the film, including posters, leaflets, postcards, and door hangers. See: http://www.passionmaterials.com / View the movie trailer at: http://www.thepassion.tv