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Voice of the Martyrs in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, has released a DVD set which documents the turbulent 50-year history of Chinese Christians in mainland China. Titled, “The Cross-Jesus in China,” the production took three years to complete. Using live footage and interviews, the film captures true stories and seeks to answer the most common questions: How did the number of Chinese Christians increase from 700,000 in 1949, to approximate 70 million today despite communist control? How does the Chinese government deal with Chinese Christians? How did Chinese Christians develop, survive and grow? What kind of people are they, and what kind of influence have they had and will have on Chinese society?

The almost 4-hour long DVD consists of three episodes and one short subject. According to the producer, “The filmmakers and crew members are a group of devout Christians who courageously and persistently went deep into China and interviewed thousands of Christians. There were times when they were under hidden surveillance, and other times when they were blatantly followed. On one occasion their cameras were confiscated. However, due to their devotion and self-denial, they were able to reach the foundation of underground churches in China to obtain the true stories and know the hearts and minds of Chinese Christians. The goal behind making The Cross-Jesus in China is to leave history a record that provides the truth of Christianity in China. The film also serves as an encouragement to Chinese churches around the world and a gift to each Chinese Christian. Moreover, it presents a new perspective for everyone who is concerned about the future of China.”

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