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A new Christian film festival will be launched in the Rocky Mountains April 16-19 at the Horn Creek Conference Center in Westcliffe, Colorado. The organizer of the Envoy Film Festival is Richard Beattie who wants to help build a greater sense of community within the Christian film industry. Workshops will be included, featuring such speakers as Dallas Jenkins (director of “Hometown Legend”), Jerry Jenkins (co-author of the Left Behind series), Gary Wheeler (producer of “Final Solution”), script consultant Linda Seger and Bob Garner (producer of “Ribbits!”).

The Envoy Film Festival was formed to help be the catalyst in creating a sense of community among Christian filmmakers. Born out of the Envoy Creative Group, they “strive to engage the culture and inspire current mainstream to
create better and edifying media to inspire, entertain, and influence the culture.”

To register, contact Robin Muller at (719) 783-2205 or by email
Screenplays and film/video submissions for the Envoy Film Festival ended February 3rd. For submission information, contact Richard Beattie at

Envoy Film Registration Form:

Headquarters: Envoy Film Festival, 6660 Delmonico Dr. Suite D 170, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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