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In late August 2004, NBC TV is reportedly going to air a short (6-8 hour) dramatic series on the endtimes battle between God and Satan. The two key people behind this project are writer David Seltzer (“The Omen,” “Dragonfly”, “My Giant,” “Shining Through,” “The Other Side of the Mountain,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”) and producer Gavin Polone (“Panic Room,” “8MM”, “Stir of Echoes”). The story is reportedly a mystery-thriller set just before the start of Armageddon. It revolves around two main characters (a physicist and a nun) who are trying to avert the end of the world. There may also be an Antichrist character. Variety’s Josef Adalian quotes the producer as saying,

“What the Book of Revelation predicted is at hand. Nuclear brinkmanship, worldwide terrorism, collapsing economies and environmental atrocities make it clear that the critical mass of injury to this planet is sufficient to bring down the wrath of God and put the biblical prophecies into play. What is not written in the Bible is whether man can do anything about it. This is where our story begins.”
[For endtimes evidences, see: “Countdown to Eternity”]

Mr. Polone believes that if they create a series that is both original and respectful to the Bible, they could get the highest ratings on television. The network has decided that he may be right, for it is increasingly obvious that there is a large untapped audience for television dramas with spiritual themes.