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Uplifting Entertainment of Grants Pass, Oregon, recently completed their pilot for a series of one hour videos. The story takes place in a small town church and centers on a new pastor and the church staff. The producer claims that it is the first situation comedy produced with a Christian theme and characters. Each week, they are faced with the normal challenges every congregation experiences. Greg Robbins, the show’s creator and star, says, “The characters will confront a variety of situations that will be looked at through the prism of Christianity, but handled by average humans.” Each episode will be built around one word, such as: faith, temptation, pride, stress, anger, relationships, patience, courage, ego, etc.

Greg Robbins is a veteran film and television actor whose credits include roles in “Terminator,” “Prime Risk,” and “Where Sleeping Dogs Lie.” He also produced a syndicated children’s wildlife TV series called Animal Action.

Greg plays the sitcom’s lead male character, Pastor Greg “who was once a playboy, gambling, drinking fool who comes to the Lord and answers his calling to be a pastor.” He is now in his mid-40’s and has a “vibrant personality and quick wit.” He gets assigned to a church with “long-time members who have old ways and are very set in those ways.”

The sitcom is set to have its first overseas broadcast in Australia on New Year’s Eve (the Australian Christian Channel). “Pastor Greg” has received the Dove Foundation seal of approval. The producer can be contacted at “”. Official Web site: