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Garden City Pictures, a new 17,000 square foot Christian film studio, recently opened in Niagara Falls, Canada. It features the latest in high definition film technology. The company is specializing in the production of Christian entertainment.

“This is a new milestone for Christian film,” said Byron Jones, Garden City Pictures President, “with the launch of this new company. We are able to produce films that are tailor made for the Christian home and church family market.” Jones was the VP of Entertainment at Cloud Ten Pictures until the end of 2002 when he resigned to begin this new company offering a wider variety of Christian film genre.

“High Definition technology was selected for the new studios to place the company on the leading edge of film making,” Jones said. “We wanted to set the standard for Christian film making by joining such firms as Lucas Films and other studios in this emerging film process. The edit suite is the newest and the best suite available in the market today, coupled with the recent purchase of our High Def Cameras, we will produce movies that will be a iconographic motion picture experience.”

The films and videos on Garden City’s production agenda are meant to have both social significance and great entertainment, explained Jones. “We plan to produce films that touch on current world events, stories of Christian heroes and family situations and how faith in God can bring victorious living.”

From a Oscar award-winning, special effects supervisor and director to leading film industry experts the staff at Garden City Pictures promises to deliver quality entertainment that the whole Christian family can enjoy. “Our staff consists of film professionals” explained Jones. “They have worked on major Hollywood motion pictures for over 25 years and bring a wealth of experience.”

The company production team’s previous movie projects have reportedly been sold in more than 30 countries and have been consistently in the top ten box office category.


a gripping saga of a young woman trapped in a foreign country where even possessing a Bible will bring a stronger conviction that dealing in cocaine

Garden City’s newest production is “Home Beyond the Sun,” a Christian film that examines contemporary China’s dilemma of unwanted daughters in an overpopulated land of more than a billion souls. It is inspired by the true story of one of the children, the “found forsaken,” finding familial love. The drama unfolds against the background of the continuing clash of cultures that pits Christianity against godless Communism.

Contrary to current political opinion, the Cold War is still being waged in parts of China. The battlefield pits the United States against the Republic of China. This film features a microcosm of that conflict. The producers feel that it is “essential that America’s Christian community be aware of this challenge to their faith and to their future.”

copyrighted“Home Beyond the Sun” is the story of two girls, Jenna (Mellyssa Ade) a 22-year old American teacher and the other Chu Lee (Molly Sayer) an eight-year old Chinese orphan. Together, with the help of the Lord and the guidance of His Word, they overcome the adversity of prejudice, persecution, and political oppression to find solace and protection in the bosom of a Christian family. The film explores the social and political realities of China today.

The story follows the adventures of the young Christian woman seeking to repay her mentor for his affection and his guidance. She demonstrates the depth of her commitment to the ministry by displaying the same gifts of generosity of spirit and passionate belief when she shares them with a young orphaned girl caught in the web of need and depression.

Produced, written and directed by award winning filmmakers of faith, is designed to enthrall the heart, elevate the spirit, and expand the awareness of committed men and women to these challenges.

The story focuses on the irrefutable fact that while misused legislation can prohibit religious freedom, it cannot hold back the inevitable power of faith. “Home Beyond the Sun” challenges the viewer to decide if certain laws are meant to be broken when promulgated by unjust governments. “Atheistic socialism may be the law of the land in China today, but Christianity is the doctrine of tomorrow.” This film follows the first steps of the peaceful parade toward the revolution of the Word.

The national church screening release date is February 20, 2004. Video sales will begin in March and April.

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