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They’ve marched around Jericho, sailed the seven seas, and even gone to outer space… but what’s to come for Bob and Larry in 2004? “An Easter Carol” is scheduled for release on February 10. In this sequel to “The Star of Christmas,” Cavis and Millward (Bob and Larry) are paying off Mr. Nezzer’s theater by working in his plastic egg factory. But when Nezzer threatens to knock down St. Barth’s Church in order to build “Easterland,” it’s up to a late night visitor to convince him of what Easter is really about. Grammy-winning recording artist Rebecca St. James guest stars as the voice of Hope.

This spring another release is scheduled. Bob and Larry present a fable called “A Snoodle’s Tale”—a lyrical lesson in self worth, the story of a young Snoodle who tries to do good things… but his friends only tell him how silly he looks doing them. Also included is the short story “Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly,” about a scientist who learns that it’s OK to just be himself. Larry also sings about the joys of owning an S.U.V.

“Sumo of the Opera” follows in the summer or fall. The plot is hush-hush for the moment, but it’s been described as “‘Rocky’ meets ‘The Mikado’ meets professional wrestling—with a biblical lesson to boot!”