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Chick Publications, the well-known gospel cartoon-tract producer, has recently produced a full-length evangelism video titled: “The Light of the World.” Using over 360 high-quality, original oil paintings produced especially for this film, “The Light of the World” presents the story of Jesus Christ, starting at Creation and the Fall. It explains why Jesus came to Earth and graphically depicts details of the crucifixion and resurrection. The narrator is Pastor David Jeremiah. The video’s mid-section is patterned after Jack Chick’s “This Was Your Life” tract. The video’s length is 78 minutes.

The producer says, “No punches were pulled. In a day when many Christians are producing watered-down, politically-correct films, ‘The Light of the World’ provides exactly what you would expect from Jack Chick—a straightforward, no-punches-pulled presentation of the gospel with a compelling salvation appeal.”

Released on both VHS and DVD, the video is packaged with a special set of 25 educational, evangelism tracts. All are available from Chick Publications and its distributors. For more information, see:

A missionary group is working on worldwide translations. Plans are underway to translate the video into numerous languages. Spanish and Portuguese are already done. See: