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This exciting new motion picture promises to be not only truly entertaining, big-screen epic, but ennobling and uplifting—ultimately speaking to people’s faith, with a clear presentation of the Gospel.

“Luther” was shot on over 100 sets, in 20 locations throughout Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic and features the work of celebrated cinematographer Robert Fraisse (“Seven Years in Tibet”) and Academy Award winning set designer Rolf Zehetbauer (“Cabaret”). The director is Eril Till (“Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace”).

Armed with little more than his beliefs and quick wit, Martin Luther, a young 16th century monk driven by outrage, confronts the Medieval Church. While he is not always cognizant of the far-reaching repercussions of his actions, he ultimately helps usher in the Reformation, fostering a new era of personal and religious freedoms.


The Angellotti Company announced the release of their sweeping feature about the turbulent life and times of Martin Luther. The film stars Joseph Fiennes (“Shakespeare in Love”), two-time Oscar-winner Peter Ustinov (“Spartacus” and “Topkapi”), and Alfred Molina (“Frida”). Randy Slaughter (RS Entertainment) says, “This is an extraordinary film about one of the most influential men in history. It’s a sweeping biographical drama reminiscent of ‘A Man For All Season’ in which one man’s convictions change the course of history, and brand him an enemy of the state. It has a great cast, incredible scope and tremendous production values.”

One of the screenplay writers is Bart Gavigan, a Christian familiar to many in the world of both Christian and secular films. He is an internationally sought after script doctor and an advisor to Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute.


Executive Producer Dennis Clauss reports, “Woven in this inspiring screenplay is a clear presentation of the Gospel. To create a major motion picture that appeals to popular movie-going audiences and also offers a positive Christian message—to be a ‘salt in the world’—has been no small challenge.”

Distributor RS Entertainment plans to open the film in 55 markets and 300 theaters beginning September 26, 2003. Don’t miss it!

We urge Christians to support this motion picture, and to use it as an opportunity to share their faith.

Official Web site: (includes theater locations and trailers)