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Christian Screenwrite announced the winners of its 2002 Christian screenwriting competition. Winners will receive cash awards and will have their projects read by representatives of Namesake Entertainment, an independent production company that specializes in developing and distributing properties that entertain and emphasize the importance of virtues in our society.

LaVonne McIver James

“We were extremely impressed with the quality and variety of scripts entered into the 2002 contest,” said LaVonne McIver James, founder of Christian Screenwrite. “The scripts and writers reflected the great ethnic, social, and cultural diversity in the Christian screenwriting community.”

Gary Miner of Antioch, CA., won first place and for his biblical epic, “Samaria.” Mark Anthony Vashon of Arlington, TX., received second place honors for his script, “The Bible and the Gun,” a western thriller about a minister who battles his faith in God after the brutal abduction of his eleven- year-old daughter by a gang of thieves. Kasey Phinney of Derby, KS., was awarded third place for her drama, “A Time for May,” about a depression-era couple who after losing their farm each take a different path in seeking God’s will amidst their suffering.

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