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Holy Hill Productions is working on a new Christian short film entitled, “The Altar.” It is a gritty story about the homeless featuring themes of redemption, salvation, forgiveness and love. The story: Rochelle Harrington is a wife, mother and successful attorney whose life is turned upside down upon the death of her two year old son. Through an amazing cast of characters that includes a cynical homeless man named Jefferson, a prostitute, and a 13 year old orphan named Lil Donny, Rochelle is able to share her journey to Truth with individuals who had thought that there was absolutely no hope in their lives.
Audiences will come to realize that no one is invaluable to Jesus Christ.

“The Altar” stars nationally known actress Elisabeth Omilami, and also stars LaParee Young (Disney’s “Selma, Lord Selma”), and national recording artist, Corey. Dove Award winner Babbie Mason will be featured on the music soundtrack. Holy Hill says that the film’s purpose is tri-fold: “One, to glorify the Lord; two, to espouse sincere compassion for the homeless; and three, to raise funds to directly benefit five non-profit organizations that solely assist the homeless, orphans and foster children.”

The screenplay for “The Altar” was written by Holy Hill Productions founder, Cassandra Hollis. Ms. Hollis also directed the film. For more information, visit