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Felicia Buchanan of Randolf Productions/Campus Crusade for Christ reports that “Unlocking the Mystery of Life” is “now being shown on PBS all across the country. We have received many exciting reports from the showing.” To our knowledge, this is a first for a film critical of Darwinism and promoting intelligent design. Buchanan says, “You can go to your PBS station web site and see if it is listed to be shown. If it is not being shown you may e-mail a request to the program director to request it. If they have shown it, make sure you e-mail them and let them know you appreciated the program.”

Produced by Discovery Media/Illustra Media, the documentary film beautifully and convincingly presents a scientific case for INTELLIGENT DESIGN. It shows why informed scientists are increasingly turning away from Darwinian evolution. This is an accurate, up-to-date documentary that Christians can be confidently share with even their most critical-minded, secular friends. The video is available on videocassette or DVD from ChristianAnswers.Net—[MORE INFORMATION]