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Gospel Communications International announced the videocassette and DVD release of their new comedy, “The Sparky Chronicles.” It features a “dog-napped” Dachshund. Director Dan Rutledge says that it is designed to keep teens “glued to the screen and laughing all the way!” The stars of the show are three college-age friends and their high-tech gadgets. From a 1968 VW van equipped with an array of cutting edge, computerized tracking equipment, the kids search frantically for their beloved animal, hunting down clues and encountering a cast of zany characters.

David A.R. White plays Ethan Parker. White also appeared in: The Moment After, Mercy Streets, End of the Harvest, and numerous other movies and TV dramas. Play Chris Matthews is Vanessa Rae (appeared in: 139th Friday, Force of One, One Girl Revolution). The role of Jeff Parker is played by Derek Baynham (seen in: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, American Dreams, plus various musical and comedic roles including standup comedy for Planet Hollywood and Disney Cruise Lines).

In this first episode, the three self-appointed secret agents narrowly miss rescuing Sparky—then find a map showing exactly where the precious K9 can be found. But, the team disregards the map and embarks on a search, relying instead on their own ingenuity. When they come to several forks in the road they realize that everyone has a different opinion about which direction to take. The idea is that viewers will discover an parallel between the map—a guide that pinpoints the location of the missing dog, and the Bible—our navigational guide for life.

Producer Dan Rutledge (THE WINDOW) says, “I really worked hard to integrate the spiritual message clearly, yet in a
non-preachy way. I’m pleased with how it came out, and it’s been getting some great response.”

The 30-minute movie is intended for ages 9-16 and is available from Christian bookstores and

The official Web site for the series is—a tongue-in-cheek site dedicated to the search and rescue of a kidnapped Dachshund. The new site mirrors the sarcastic streak of humor from the video series and was built by the series creator Dan Rutledge. View the series trailers there.