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Namesake Entertainment has produced a new theatrical release suspense drama released by 20th Century Fox (opening September 12, 2003 in select theaters). It is a screen adaptation of bestselling Christian author Frank Peretti’s book The Veritas Project: Hangman’s Curse. Joining the cast, Peretti appears as Professor Algernon Wheelings.


Eerie hallways. Hallucinations. Legendary hangings and haunted lockers. No one knows what’s going on at Rogers High School. And no one knows how to begin unraveling the twisted mystery.except the Veritas Team. Undercover and hard-core hall-savvy, they’re dead-set on a mission to expose truth and save lives in this looping, gripping tale, HANGMAN’S CURSE.

“Hangman’s Curse” is designed for teenagers and aims at providing clean, suspenseful entertainment. The film is not expressly Christian and received an MPAA PG-13 rating for elements of violence/terror and for brief drug material. However, it avoids use of foul language, sexual undertones, profane use of God’s name, and overt violence.


Leader actors include David Keith (DAREDEVIL, BEHIND ENEMY LINES, OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN) and Mel Harris (“Thirtysomething”). “Hangman’s Curse” was produced by Ralph Winter (X-MEN, X2, PLANET OF THE APES), Joe Goodman & Bobby Neutz (LEFT BEHIND), and Rich Cowan (THE BASKET). The director is Rafael Zielinski (THE ELEVATOR, with Academy Award® winner Martin Landau; FUN, which received two Special Jury Awards). Screenwriters were Kathy Mackel (“Can of Worms”) and Stan Foster (“Tour of Duty”).

Namesake Entertainment is an independent production company, established in 1996 as a collaboration between Joe Goodman and Bobby Neutz, both Louisville natives, with a vision to produce high quality, life-affirming family
entertainment for values-seeking general audiences. Since its inception, the company has been involved in several significant film projects, “Every Mother’s Worst Fear” with USA Network and “Can of Worms,” which aired on the Disney Channel in 1999. In 2000, the company co-produced the movie version of the best-selling book series, Left Behind. The movie sold more than three million videos, becoming the number one selling independently produced video in 2000.

Read our review of Hangman’s Curse. Home video release is schedule for 2004.

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