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Independent film studios Cloud Ten Pictures and Namesake Entertainment announced that they have begun development of an animated film version of their original LEFT BEHIND film, which stunned Hollywood by becoming the #1 selling video in America when it released in October 2000. LEFT BEHIND II: TRIBULATION FORCE opened second only to Spider-Man in the DVD/Video release week in which they both debuted.

“This will be a young and hip take on the apocalyptic events of the best-selling LEFT BEHIND novel,” says Cloud Ten Pictures CEO Peter Lalonde. “It will be something that people of all ages will find entertaining. It will illustrate a popular interpretation of what is considered to be the most mysterious book in the Bible, the Book of Revelation.”

“The storyline will be even closer to the original books than a live action movie can be simply because of the freedom animation gives,” notes Cloud Ten’s VP of films André van Heerden. “We are very excited about the possibilities and look forward to choosing an animation partner.”

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