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Starring Richard Thomas, this new series is based on the best-selling books by Bill Myers. BloodHounds, Inc. is a comedy-adventure featuring the fun-filled adventures of Kid Detectives, Sean and Melissa, and their pet bloodhound, Slobs. Richard Thomas plays the teens’ father, his daughter Kendra Thomas plays Melissa, and Craig Hauer plays Sean. They solve intriguing mysteries, as they run into wacky mixtures of fun and adventures, learning valuable lessons about life and living along the way.

“I support the idea of a children’s series like Bloodhounds, Inc.,” said Thomas, “A show which entertains kids while it’s teaching them some of life’s lessons in compassion and responsibility.” Produced by Global Kid Vid & Film Factory, the series was honored with an Award of Excellence by the Film Advisory Board’s Evaluation Committee. The series is also airing on FamilyNet TV. The official Web site is

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