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OneSimpleTruth Productions has begun development of its first
feature-length movie, “One Simple Truth.” The movie’s main character, Eli West, is a Christian with a family that criticizes his faith and fails to understand his passion to preach the Gospel of Christ. Things go well at his first church and souls are saved, but soon, he discovers the church is ruled by two very troubled deacons. When he doesn’t give in to their plan to control him, everything seems to only get worse, until he gradually forgets what the Christian life is all about. After his world seems to explode, he runs away, trying to find the answer, unaware that it lies in the “One Simple Truth” he left behind.

The producer reports that the cast and crew are volunteers and that profits from the movie will go to various charities. The official Web site,, can be consulted for the latest news about production progress, as it becomes available.