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Poster art for ‘End Game’

With their LEFT BEHIND TV SERIES already in pre-production, Cloud Ten CEO Peter Lalonde announced today that the indie studio will go forward with their most ambitious film to date. “End Game” is a high stakes, high action, drama dealing with an escalating world crisis, chemical and biological weapons, terrorists, a Middle East war and an attack upon the United States with unconventional weapons.

“We believe the timing is now right for this very current film,” say Lalonde. The idea has been in the works for a few years but we delayed after 9/11. It was just too close.

Filming is scheduled to begin this April and Cloud Ten executives are confident that the script, the storyline and budget will attract A-level talent. A wide theatrical release is also planned for fall. This breaks tradition with Cloud Ten’s highly successful video-first release strategy that landed their most recent film, “LEFT BEHIND II: Tribulation Force,” second only to “Spider-Man” in sales on street date last fall.

In one of their usually unusual signature maneuvers, Cloud Ten is going to post the first 10 or 15 pages of the script online starting on Saturday, January 11th at ( to involve their tens of thousands of fans in the debates and issues the movie addresses. “We’re a very interactive company and that is the way we have built a relationship with our fans,” says Cloud Ten President Edwin Ng.

“We’re happy with the recognition we’ve earned,” says Co-CEO Paul Lalonde. “Now we have to build on our past success. With End Game we want to take everything up a notch. And this is the first of several projects aimed at doing just that.”