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Images from Highwater Productions’ THE CURE online project information pageHighwater Productions and Evangelist Jose Zayas, a partner evangelist of Luis Palau, have teamed up to produce a new cutting edge tool for presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ, “The Cure.” Jose Zayas will present the gospel directly to the audience, while surrounded by the constant life and death happenings of an ER of a hospital.

THE CURE will be presented on DVD to allow the audience to interact with the presentation and receive the maximum amount of information about Jesus Christ. Pastor Kenny Snyder, of Grace Community Church, and Dave Lubben, of the JZEI worship team will be contributing their gifts of leading worship through music videos presented as special features on the DVD. This will be another tool to help draw the audience to Jesus Christ. The total amount of media on THE CURE DVD will be about 30 minutes.

Highwater Productions is currently looking for ministries interested in partnering with them, as well as actors and crew members who would be interested in participating in the production of this unique evangelism tool. For more details, please see

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