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Cast from ‘TruthQuest: California’

Beginning on October 3rd, 2002, “TruthQuest: California,” a Christian-based reality TV program for teens and young adults, began airing on FamilyNet Television, a cable Christian station. Shot in July for 16 days, the show features teens from 8 different U.S. states that travel around California doing ministry-oriented stuff.

In another recent announcement, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) program “Songs of Praise,” a weekly program airing in Britain, is traveling to America to film in Nashville on October 22. Crews will meet with two of the “TruthQuest: California” cast members for a feature segment in the program. Richard (Sparky) Sparkman (14) and Tim Harms (14) will share their experiences of traveling up the coast of California last July participating in extreme missions, all the while being followed by cameras.

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