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WYSIWYG Film Festival 2002

Renaissance means “rebirth.” Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks in San Francisco believes that one catalyst for the current renaissance in the film industry is the advent of digital technology. That is why they have chosen “Renaissance 2002: Digital Redemption” as the theme for the 3rd Annual Christian WYSIWYG Film Festival to be held in San Francisco, California this October 23-26, 2002.

Long ago the invention of the printing press brought a wider distribution of the Bible and put knowledge into the hands of anyone with a dream and a desire to learn. Now the latest in digital filming, editing, and effects technologies will help birth new and inspired projects in the entertainment industry. Some of the speakers at this year’s festival include: James Burgess, Director of Photography; Randall Huber, Stuntman whose credits include “Pearl Harbor” and “Windtalkers”; Michael C. Brown, President of Testimony Pictures; Shawn Justice, President of Justice Pictures; Matthew Kilburn President of and the director of the movie “Joshua,” Jon Purdy. Exciting news for actors, one of the this year’s guest speakers, Integrity Casting Founder Toni Suttie who has cast for projects like; “Beverly Hills Cop III,” “The Harvesters” and “Unsolved Mysteries,” will conduct a teaching seminar followed by an audition for an upcoming project entitled “Snow Storm.”

A few of the exciting films we will be showing this year include: “The Climb” by World Wide Pictures, “The Shadowlands” by Gamma Films, “The Calling” by Testimony Pictures, “Joshua” by Crusader Entertainment, “Ribbits!” by Focus on the Family and “Extreme Days” by Truth Soul Armor.

The Christian WYSIWYG Film Festival is open to the public; both Full Event Passes and One Day Passes are available. Single Event Passes may also be purchased at the door during the film festival. For entry information or registration information please see