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Christian Screenwrite announced the launch of its first screenwriting contest designed to foster and promote awareness of Christian screenplays with the objective of utilizing the medium of film to spread the principles of forgiveness, faith, redemption and love that Jesus Christ demonstrated and taught, to both Christians and non-Christians.

Christian Screenwrite seeks diverse, entertaining entries in all genres including romantic comedies, slick and gritty thrillers, heart wrenching dramas, sci-fi and adventure scripts. The contest seeks scripts that reflect the great ethnic, cultural and social diversity among Christians and in the Christian screenwriting community.

“I’m really looking for well-written, thought provoking scripts that can compete with the best Hollywood has to offer in terms of spiritually uplifting and redemptive screenplays,” said founder, LaVonne McIver James. “I realize that in the past Hollywood has looked at Christian projects as being corny and overtly preachy. But, there is a new generation of Christian writers who are writing projects that challenge that stereotype.”

Winners of the contest will receive cash prizes and the winning scripts will be read by management and production companies including Los Angeles based Zero Gravity and Numenorean Films. Additional companies to be announced shortly.

To enter the contest or to act as a sponsor, please visit,