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Click here for the ‘The Making of Left Behind II: Tribulation Force’

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force” was released on DVD and VHS October 29th, 2002. Producers Cloud Ten plan to bring it to theaters on December 31st. “Already, the pre-orders for this sequel have outpaced those of the original ‘Left Behind’ movie by almost 40%. Those numbers are impressive considering ‘Left Behind’ was the #1 selling video in America its first week of release, beating out ‘Toy Story 2’ and ‘The Green Mile’. It also ended up being named the ‘Best-Selling Title of the Year by an Independent Studio,’” said Byron Jones, Cloud Ten’s VP of Entertainment.

If you’re a fan of the book or film series, or just interested in watching behind-the-scenes footage, be sure to view the entire “The Making of Left Behind II: Tribulation Force” online on our new media server. [Click here] This 25-minute video features Grammy Award winner Bob Carlisle as host, and includes interviews with all the principal cast members, the Director, Director of Photography, Writer, and various crew members. Plus some great behind-the-scenes footage and movie clips, and a music video.