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Workup art for ‘The Wexler Chronicles: Goliath’

Brouhaha Productions announces its first offering, “The Wexler Chronicles: Goliath,” currently securing financing. The feature will star Seth Peterson (star of NBC’s “Providence” & “Dumped”), Jennie Kwan (star of TeenNBC’s “California Dreams” & “The Trojan War”) and will be directed by Michael Sajbel (“Powerplay” & “The Ride,” both World Wide Pictures releases)

The story features an over-zealous archeology student who steals an artifact setting off a series of events that culminate in the discovery of Goliath’s tomb and the ancient race that awaits the giant’s resurrection. This fun adventure film will be rated PG-13 or lower and includes a retelling of the David and Goliath story. The message of the film encourages vieweers to rely on the power of God rather than ourselves. Brouhaha is seeking a release in the winter of 2003/04. For more details, see

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