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Box art for episode 2 in ‘The Creation Adventure Team’Just ten months after the release of the first episode in “The Discovery Team” video series, co-producers Gospel Communications and Answers in Genesis announce that a challenge (concerning the word “discovery” in the series’ name) from the parent company of The Discovery Channel, has led to a new series title. The series will now be known as “The Creation Adventure Team.”

In a joint statement from co-executive producers William Zeoli (president of Gospel Communications) and Ken Ham (president of Answers in Genesis) the ministry leaders said, “The bottom line is that the message of this series is simply more important than the title, and we believe changing the title is the best way of bringing to thousands of children the life-changing message that the series conveys.”

Christian bookstore owners and publishers at the annual Christian Booksellers Association international convention in Anaheim, California voiced frustration at the dispute over use of the original title, but most seem to feel that the new title will be even more effective in attracting sales. “This series has already conveyed the message of Creationism to our target audience of children and young people. Now with the second episode finally ready to ship, we are confident that sales will only increase,” stated Ham,
The Creation Adventure Team series, which stars real-life dinosaur researcher Buddy Davis and co-stars a zany young inventor character named Ivan Idea and his animatronic sidekick “Proto,” has already won a total of six awards, five in the mainstream secular market and now it’s first in the Christian market as well. In July, episode one received a silver trophy from the International Christian Visual Media association. The newest award is in the 2002 “Best Children’s Video” category.

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