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Richard Riehle and Dr. David Morin in ‘Time Changer’

“Time Changer” is the story of an 1890’s Bible professor named Russell Carlisle (D. David Morin, “A Vow to Cherish,” “The Moment After”) who uses a time machine to come to the present day. The movie also features Gavin MacLeod (“The Love Boat,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” now a committed Christian) and Jennifer O’Neill.

Writer/Director Rich Christiano’s credits include such evangelistic films as “End of the Harvest,” “The Appointment” and “Second Glance.” Producer Kevin Downes’ is known for “Mercy Streets” and “The Moment After.”

Filmed in October of 2001, this release is a milestone for Christiano as none of his films have been released theatrically on a large nationwide scale before. A key element in each of Christiano’s films is the clear message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a factor often not as strong in other Christian productions that have received recent nationwide exposure.

Poster for ‘Time Changer’Originally schedule for an October 4th release date nationwide, the plan now pushes it back by a week to October 11th. Christiano says in his latest project update “TIME CHANGER is now being musically scored with the sound and visual effects being put in. We are very happy with this film and excited about its potential. We believe this movie can be critical in knocking down the doors to the theaters for Christian movies. Never before in the history of Hollywood will there be a film in theaters with this strong of a message to the church and for Jesus Christ. This movie will inspire Christians, challenge professing Christians and can be used to attract non-believers to consider the claims of Christ. It is entertaining, funny, touching and packed with spiritual truth. We firmly believe we have been granted a great opportunity from the Lord.”

Christiano now is asking for our assistance. “We are now looking for churches, individuals, and Christian bookstores that would like to sponsor this movie in their city and participate in the box office return from your also looking for interested individuals and organizations who can help sponsor this film in their area.”

A special sneak preview and further details for sponsorship can be seen at [Read our review]

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