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Poster concept art for ‘One Day in May’
Quality Christian films that tackle the controversial pro-life/pro-choice debate are few and far between. But with the release of “One Day in May” from Double-Edged Entertainment, that is about to change. “ODIM” is currently readying itself for the film festival touring circuit.

Starring John-Paul Lavoisier (TV’s “One Life to Live”), Chrisie Penna, and Maria Bellantoni (TV’s “Law & Order” and “E.R.”), the story focuses on one young couple in love, Matt and Drew, who find themselves in an abortion clinic due to an unwanted pregnancy. Drew has convinced herself that this is her only option, but Matt is sure that an abortion would be wrong. Bellantoni plays the part of a feminist pushing Drew to go ahead with the abortion, and for Matt to support Drew in her decision. And so the battle rages, on earth and in the heavenlies.

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