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John Mulinde tells of what God is doing in Uganda in Transformations II

“Binding the forces of darkness” and other Christian lingo tends to needlessly divide Christians into denominational camps. But it shouldn’t. Regardless of theological position, the Bible teaches that God is very active, using his Holy Spirit to convict and bring mankind to repentance. George Otis Jr. of The Sentinel Group brings us “Transformations II,” the sequel to the 1999 video-release “Transformations” (which introduced us to true stories of God’s miraculous work in Central and South America, Africa, and the U.S.).

“Transformations II: The Glory Spreads,” which focuses once again on how God’s spirit has moved upon a geographic location where his people commit themselves to prayer (working against the “principalities and powers” that seek to hold people captive), takes us to the Eastern Arctic Region of Canada, Scotland (U.K.), and Uganda (Africa). This excellent hour-long documentary leaves every Christian focused on God’s heart for his people throughout the world talking about how they too can take part in a renewing work of God upon their community.

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