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Box art for ‘The Calling’AMC Theatre Corporate Offices in California has requested that the independent Christian film “The Calling” go nationwide. Setting marks of attendance just below March’s mainstream secular films “We Were Soldiers” and “40 Days and 40 Nights,” the popularity of this film about a pastor who sets out on a call from God to walk across the country with just $20 and a backpack surprised many. In the story, a younger pastor joins up with him and together they face unusual circumstances.

“The Calling,” starring Herbert Porter, opened in the largest cineplex in Chicago on March 1st, 2002. The producer, Testimony Pictures, is committed to producing & co-producing Christian oriented motion pictures, documentaries, music videos, & television programs.

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    […] in Theatre @ SIUC 18 years later. I kept that dream when I auditioned for indie Christian film The Calling. I held fast to that dream all the way during production, post- production and still, while sitting […]