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Messiah in the Passover“The Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled,” produced by Canadian-based Kingdom Entertainment, tells the story of Rabbi Yehudah (Nick Mancuso) who has witnessed the ministry, crucifixion, and post-resurrection of the prophecied Yeshua (the Messiah). Set one year after Jesus’ crucifixion, the Rabbi returns home during the observance of Passover where much of his family has disowned him due to his firm belief that Jesus fulfills the prophecies of the Torah (Old Testament).

With a captivating Rabbinic portrayal by Mancuso and technical expertise from Director Giacomo Moncada and Screenwriter Albert Israeli, this 50-minute production is an excellent resource for Jews, Christians, and even Muslims who are willing to take a look at who Jesus is and the prophecies that foretold in accurate detail the coming Messiah.

To learn more, read our review, see our ministry resources page, or read the true story of how Screenwriter Albert Israeli came to faith in the Messiah. (To be released Fall of 2002)