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Conceptual poster art for ‘Tribulation Force—The Movie’“Tribulation Force,” the sequel to “Left Behind: The Movie” is slated to hit stores on video and DVD on November 12, 2002. The movie will once again be produced by Cloud Ten Pictures and Namesake Entertainment. Currently filming in Canada, the cast and crew plan to be done shooting by mid June. Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble, Clarence Gilyard, Janaya Stephens, and Gordon Currie will return in their roles. Kirk has recently teamed up with ChristianAnswers.Net team member and evangelist Ray Comfort to help bring into the script the gospel message using the Law to convict of sin. Ray says “It’s been a very exciting month. Kirk and I spent hours rewriting the gospel presentation into the latest ‘Left Behind’ movie. What we were trying to do was virtually impossible, as it is the script-writers who write movie scripts, not the star. Stars are paid big bucks to be stars. They do not rewrite major portions of movie scripts, yet that was what we were doing.”

Kirk Cameron and Janaya Stephens on the set of ‘Tribulation Force’Christians, please pray for the filming and for the ministry potential of “Tribulation Force.” The first film was admittedly weak in evangelistic content (see some of our comments from users) though God still used it to get His message across to many. With the possible new inclusion of the gospel message in “Tribulation Force,” there is no telling what kind of impact for the Kingdom it could have.

“We’re very excited about this film,” says Cloud Ten CEO Peter Lalonde. It is not only an important step in establishing this film franchise, but it is also a critical component in building the foundation for faith-based filmmaking in general.”

Academy Award Winner Pam Wallace penned the adaptation of the best-selling book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Wallace’s Academy Award was for the critically acclaimed feature, “Witness” starring Harrison Ford. The producers are tight-lipped about the storyline but do admit that there will be multiple storylines focusing on consolidation of power by Nicolae Carpathia as well as the budding romance between Buck Williams and Chloe Steele.

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