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Highway Video logo Surrounded by our Christian friends, books, music, radio teachings, and television programming, it’s often easy to forget what the rest of the world is really like. We often know what the Bible and Christian culture says about “Who is Jesus?,” “What is love?,” or “What happens when you die?,” but how would your next door neighbor answer such questions?

Videos and CDs from Highway VideoHighway Videos is a ministry that offers three types of unique videos for use in ministry: documentaries (man-on-the-street style interviews), comedies, and music videos. These 3 to 5 minute features (with over 60 topics to choose from!) are often used by church pastors, worship leaders, and others to bring the world into the church, often spurring Christians on to share God’s salvation message with others. These thought-provoking videos, in mpeg or VHS format, can easily be worked into church teaching and worship times. Quality background mood music or music videos also offered by Highway Videos foster more passionate worship.

Highway Videos may have just what your church or small group is looking for to enhance the impact church members can have on their community, or in drawing them closer to God during times of worship. See for more info.