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Box art for ‘We Shall Not Be Moved’

For the first time since the Civil Rights Era, a documentary is being released which examines the Civil Rights Movement from the perspective of the African-American church. The new video, “We Shall Not Be Moved,” distributed by Gateway Films/Vision Video looks in-depth at the critical role of African-American churches during this amazing period of US history. Filled with testimonies of pastors, activists, church members and other participants, “We Shall Not Be Moved” recalls the events in four key churches: Dexter Avenue Baptist in Montgomery, AL; 16th Street Baptist, Birmingham, AL; Brown Chapel AME, Selma, AL; and Ebenezer Baptist, Atlanta, GA.

“The video contains authentic accounts from those involved provide a spiritual—as well as historical—perspective of their roles in the movement to end racial inequality,” said a spokesperson for Gateway Films/Vision Video. “These key participants give broader and deeper view of events than portrayed by the secular media over the years. Those involved reveal how they feel God worked through people and circumstances to remove racial discrimination as a way of life in American society.”

“Some viewers will be challenged to rethink their position of the movement; others will be confirmed in what they believed. All will be deeply impacted by this emotionally charged account of the events.”

The documentary also visits Little Rock, Arkansas, the location of an intense struggle to desegregate that city’s high school in the late 1950’s. Two of the students, Ernest Greene and Melba Pattillo Beals, who were barred from entering Little Rock Central High School, recount their memories of death threats, jeering mobs and the very possibility of losing their lives.

“This powerful documentary allows viewers to meet those who encouraged these students to look beyond themselves in order to change the nation,” added the spokesperson.

[“We Shall Not Be Moved” is available in a 90-minute full-length version a 60-minute version and a 44-minute version each for $19.99 from Gateway Films/Vision Video. Story courtesy of ASSIST News Service]