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Scene from ‘Final Solution’Virginia-based Messenger Films plans to debut its first theatrically released film “Final Solution” in Fall 2002.

The story follows an event in 1993, near the eve of South Africa’s first-ever universal elections. Experts, and common-folk alike, are predicting the likelihood of an all-out civil war as the nation lurches toward democracy.

In the midst of this volatile situation, an American news crew has come to Cape Town to cover stories related to the changing South African scene. One of the “positive” stories they’re covering deals with a reconciliation movement in a troubled township, where Whites and Blacks of good faith have been coming together in a local church to heal the wounds of the past through active repentance and forgiveness.

Writer/Director Cristóbal Krusen (fluent in Spanish and conversant in French and Portuguese) attended the prestigious New York University film school. Five years after graduation Krusen came to faith in Christ and proceeded to produce “Ropa Nueva para Felipe” and “¿Con Quién Te Vas?,” among others.

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