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Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor Richard Dutcher in ‘Brigham City’Richard Dutcher (Zion Films) is the driving force behind several recent Mormon-based films that have made theatrical appearances since 2000. “God’s Army” (2000) and “Brigham City” (2001) have all been created by the undoubtedly gifted Mr. Dutcher, a firm adherent to the biblically errant teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other LDS-based films hitting the theater include “The Other Side of Heaven” (2002) and “Charly” (2002).

While we are all for strong cinema void of excessive profanity, nudity, violence, and immorality, we and other Christians are concerned that those seeking after meaning in life who see these films (and others that will follow) may be taken in by the LDS Church, unaware of its false teachings. What makes these films dangerous is that they appear to be “Christian” in so many ways—from the solid families, loving & tight-knit communities, church services, prayer, and the promotion of a moral lifestyle that focuses on reading the Scriptures. Yet while all these are well and good, ultimately it is what a person believes about the nature of Jesus Christ and salvation really matters. (Click here to learn more about the false teachings of the LDS Church.)

Brigham City” was released on Video/DVD April 23rd. “The Other Side of Heaven” opened in limited release March 2002 and nationwide in April. As of May 1st, it reached 4 million viewers.