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Scene from ‘Bells of Innocence’

Christian actor David White teams up with Chuck, Mike, & Gabby Norris (three generations) to bring us a new feature film entitled “The Bells of Innocence,” Chuck Norris’ first movie in 8 years. Production in the Dallas/Fort Worth area began on March 2 and will continue through the month.

Chuck Norris in ‘Bells of Innocence’“The Bells of Innocence” is the story of what happens to three close friends Jux (Mike Norris), Conrad (David White, “Mercy Streets”) and Oren (Carey Scott), while on a missionary flight to deliver Bibles to a town in Mexico. Having been forced to make an emergency landing in their small aircraft, they find shelter in a poor, lost town in Southern Texas, where the only church in town has been boarded up for years. Discovering that an evil, dangerous leader controls the town, they become involved in defending the innocent locals in a fight for their lives and their souls. Hunted and feeling powerless, they are led to the home of Matthew (Chuck Norris), who leads them to the discovery that real power is always within. It is a story with many twists and turns; one that will keep the viewer emotionally attached to the plight of these three men and their “Guide” Matthew. In a final twist of this Christian Based/Family Film, the viewer discovers that Matthew is more than a “Guide”; he is an Angel. This film exposes the constant fight between good & evil.

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One Response to “Chuck Norris, David White star in “Bells of Innocence””

  1. Mary Potter Says:

    What happened to Jux? Who killed him? Did he die? or was it all a dream? How was he reunited with his dead daughter?